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Introducing your "New" Employee of the month! Requires zero training, always on time & ready to serve your customers!
Scott, Owner of Bred Hot Chicken Food Truck
  • ​Protect your customers and your staff during and beyond the Pandemic.
  • Increase customer's ticket value by 20%+ with automated menu add ons & up-sells.
  • Decrease your lines & speed up your checkout process!
There Are Only A Few Kiosks Available. If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then There Are Still A Few Kiosk Left In Our Inventory. Make Sure To Reserve Yours Today! 

Watch How The ZYRL Kiosk Works
 From One Of Our Quick-Service Restaurant Partners

Click the video below to learn more about how ZYRL is helping Sofia, Owner of Toasty!


FREE Implementation

  • Full menu customization
  • ​In store set up
  • ​Wireless Networking


FREE Hardware

  • New 12 inch iPad Pro
  • ​Designer crafted mounting
  • ​Card Reader
  • ​Kitchen Display


FREE Software

  • Ongoing technical support
  • Unlimited menu customization
  • ​In- store support

 $697 -$5k/mo 

FREE ZYRL Marketing

  • Full social media boost
  • ​Rewards & Loyalty
  • ​Professional photoshoot
  • ​Customer communication

What Our Customers Are Already
Saying About Our Kiosks!

5 out of 5 Stars recommendation!

"Zyrl has the best technology in the market. I tell all my customers about it. It saves time and saves labor. There's many benefits for this technology." -Victor, Owner of Quickly

"I was thinking of hiring another person and scrolling through Instagram and Zyrl popped up... It was perfect!" -Rod Mcgee, Owner of The Cookout Food Truck

"ZYRL saved me again, yesterday. One employee called out, another no show no call leaving me alone on a busy Saturday until 2pm where I got one person in. We were so busy the 2 of us could not catch up and if it wasn’t for the kiosk terminal there would have been some very angry customers waiting a very long time with us stopping to take orders every 2 seconds. So so so so thankful to have this in my business." -Mike, Owner of 805boba

"I highly recommend other Cafe/Togo restaurants to try not only do they have amazing service, they’ve continuously worked with us to make improvements suited for our business and have been extremely supportive. Their CEO @eugenekjohnson took the time to call us personally to see what they can do to help us at this time." -Nancy, Owner of Majestea

"This really does help us out greatly! I can focus my time on building up the business during these crazy times. Seriously, everyone I’ve talked to at this company has been so helpful and amazing. We’re very grateful to have formed this partnership and look forward to doing more with you!" -Laura, Owner of Monsta Snow

What's The Catch
You May Ask?

Video of Campbell Coffee House Team
  • ​Hardware is free w/ white glove delivery cost
  • ​Take care of our beloved kiosk
  • ​Open communication & feedback
  • ​​Customer Processing Fee
  • Store data & Kiosk data
  • Keep Kiosk in sight of customers
  • Use your story and logo in marketing or as reference
***REMEMBER! We have a limited number of Kiosks available. If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then There Are Still A Few Kiosk Left In Our Inventory. Make Sure To Reserve Yours Today!***

Still debating for that demo?
Here are more testimonials from our Partners!

5 out of 5 Stars recommendation!

"During these time of Social Distancing, without the kiosk we wouldn't have been able to remain open. Besides that, our average checks have gone up and our labor cost have decreased." -Ryan, Owner of Boba Junkie

"Because it's me, myself and I working here in Falafelland. The Zyrl Kiosk allows for me to serve 20+ customers even by myself." -Billy, Owner of Fallafelland

"I've been with ZYRL for 3 months now and I really like it... I really love it! It gives us another outlet for revenue. The photos really helps entice customers to order from the Kiosk." -Adam, Owner of Adams Grub Truck

"I signed up for ZYRL to help bystanders and people that walk on by to explore our menu and see what Doughp is all about." -Kelsey, Owner of Doughp Cookie Dough (Featured in Shark Tank)

"Customers really need to see what they want to order. The kiosk helps with that and allows the customer to buy more than when they have to talk a cashier." -Aaron, Owner of Eggettes

"Thank you! This is exactly what I am looking for to keep the customers happy and make them feel safe." -Lorenzo, Owner of Serendipity Food Truck

"We're committed to providing safe & healthy environment for our customers. That is why we teamed up with ZYRL  for a contactless payment. When Customers come there is an ordering kiosk station in store them. Same quality, same taste, and safer! - Factory Tea Bar

"I need less people working in the store everyday because I know I have the ZYRL kiosk working for us taking orders while my staff is fulfilling orders." -Angela, Owner of Steep Creamery

"We love ZYRL! We just reopened our Turlock location. With the addition of a self checkout kiosk, Our customers can now shop all of their favorite meals, drinks, & snacks in a safe & convenient way!" -Billy, Owner of Go Fresh

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