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As consumers become increasingly less patient, self-service kiosks provide businesses with the competitive edge needed to entice customers. The top complaint of the 62,917 surveyed about there restaurant experience at quick serve restaurants was that there was too few open cashier lines. Nearly 75 percent of respondents liked self-checkout’s ability better to save time, give them ordering privacy and a better experience. Here are some questions to help you decide if self service kiosk are for you. 

Do you want to increase revenue?
Self-service is changing the way customers interact with businesses. The Harvard Business Review reported that for American fast food chain Taco Bell, orders made via its kiosk have been 20% more expensive than those taken by cashiers due to automated upselling. Self-service kiosks can provide an efficient ordering and automated targeted upselling processes for customers in store.

How long are your customers willing to wait?
Customers want to receive their food in a timely manner. Self-service kiosks can provide a more efficient option by streamlining the order, payment, check-in, check-out and pick-up processes. This reduces customer wait time and increases customer satisfaction.

Do you want to lower support costs?
Customers who use self-service to help themselves do not cost as much for businesses to support. Websites, mobile apps and kiosks are less expensive than one-on-one assistance. As a result, business overheads reduce at the same time as customers' satisfaction increases.

How do your customers want to pay?
Self-service bill payment offers customers a more secure, efficient process to pay for their food. Rather than wait in line for a cashier, customers can simply use a self-pay kiosk to pay via credit card. 

Do you want to use your resources more efficiently?
Self-service kiosks help create efficiencies in business customer support. By allowing customers to help themselves, employees don't always need to provide one-on-one support for simple tasks. When customers use self-service solutions to place and/or pay for an order, service representatives can concentrate on providing great customer service instead of standing behind a cash register.

Is your business next?
If any of these things are important to you, then a self-service solution may benefit your customers and your bottom line. Self-service kiosks are designed to solve a number of issues for businesses across industries. Your business could be next. 
Social Media Management
  • Content strategy for FB & Instagram
  •  25 post a month on Facebook and Instagram
  • Professional Photographer & Videographer
  •  Online Reputation Management
  •  Custom Chatbot driving Loyalty, Reviews, User Generated Content
Social Media Advertising
  • Ads and campaign strategy for Facebook and Instagram
  •  A/B Split Testing
  • Guaranteed 15k+ Reach
  •  Incentivized Customer Buying Actions & online discounting
  •  Facebook Audience Campaign increasing social presence
Digital Storefront
  • Website Design and  Implementation
  • Online Ordering Capabilities
  • Retargeting and Pixels
  • Marketing to drive Catering offers
  • Monthly Upkeep and Support
You may be thinking this sounds too good to be true whats the catch. As one of our pilot customers we do ask a few things from you in return for getting all these free items. 
  • We still own the kiosk so please take care of our beloved kiosk because it is thousands of dollars in equipment
  • Open communication & feedback so we know how to better system for you and your customers 
  • As you use Kiosk there will be critical store data & kiosk data that will help us make your marketing better 
  • Kiosk must be in sight of customers and not in back of store collecting dust 
  • Use your story and logo in marketing material or as reference
*REMEMBER!!! There Are Only 100 Kiosks Available. If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then There Are Still A Few Kiosk Left In Our Inventory. Make Sure To Reserve Yours Today! 
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